Thursday, 13 December 2007

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Sorry to all our blog viewers. I have not had time to update because my chief candle maker had a heart bypass op and the shop is closed until the new year.
MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our friends and customers. We hope to be able to serve you in the new year.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Another wedding.....

The start of Gel candles for our next wedding. Shot glasses lined up to cool.


The shot glasses were filled with coloured Gel to match the place cards that were placed on the tables at the reception.
The colour was purple and the Gel was scented with rose fragrance.
A perfect match.


These shot glasses were placed on the tables at the reception as a gift to all family and friends who attended.
A perfect way to have others remember your special day.

Katrina & Antony 27.10.07

The champagne glasses were filled with lightly tinted clear Gel to make them look like champers. Of course we added Champagne fragrance to the Gel before we poured.

Special thanks to Katrina and Antony. We hope you have a great life together.


These shot glasses are perfect for the promotion of your business..

Lise' Jewellery

These shot glasses were made for a very good friend, who makes her own jewellery. The glasses are pinkish/strawberry in colour and of course are scented with strawberry fragrance. These shots are a great way to promote your business. Maybe a great Christmas thank you, or just a give away to promote your business.
The cost of these items begin at $3.60/ glass .. of course the more you buy the cheaper it gets..

please contact us on for a free quote..

Thursday, 15 November 2007


Looking for a gift for your special man. Well here is the perfect gift for him. A boxed GEL Candle that looks just like a cold, frothing beer. This GEL candle would look great in your man's special corner or on the bar.


What a great Christmas present for that special person in your life. These tall glasses have the stems filled with coloured sand, a glass Christmas figure is placed on the sand and covered with clear Gel to which your favourite fragrance has been added.


Here we have a long stem glass. the stem is filled with red, green and white sand. A glass Christmas tree is placed on the sand. The clear Gel is then heated, your favourite fragrance added and then poured into the glass. This is a very nice candle and a perfect gift for Christmas.


Here we have another Christmas Gel Candle. The stem of the glass is filled with red and green coloured sand and a glass reindeer is placed on the sand. The clear Gel is scented with your favourite scent and poured over. A great Christmas present.

Saturday, 29 September 2007


These long stemmed tea light holders were filled with coloured GEL. The GEL is scented with lavender fragrance. They look very nice and are sold as a pair.


The candle maker placed sand in the bottom of these small coffee cups and a small glass fish. She then poured clear GEL into the cup.The GEL has had rose fragrance added and the top of each glass has another colour added. A very nice candle.


Here are two more of our mermaid GEL candles. They are both the same as their sister above.


Here we have a fancy edged bowl. We have added coloured sand to the bottom, a star fish and of course our coloured mermaid. We poured clear Gel, that was scented with SPRING RAIN fragrance, into the bowl to cover our little mermaid.


Here we have a nice frosted glass that has been filled with coloured GEL and fragrance added to make them look like milk shakes. Each milkshake has a glass straw. Our milkshakes come in strawberry (pink colour & strawberry scented) and chocolate (brownish colour & chocolate scented). Both of our shakes do really smell like the real thing.. yummy, i can taste them now..

Thursday, 20 September 2007


This is how the work room looks after a GEL candle making session. These are new creations that are being made, but a lot of these new candles never make it out of this room. If the candle maker does not like the finished product, she just removes the GEL and starts again. No GEL candle leaves this room if the boss is not happy with it.

NEW GEL CANDLES waiting to be packed

A few of the GEL candles that have been produced . We have had a busy year so far, but the chief candle maker keeps coming up with new creations each day.

WILLY the Whale

This is a great candle. Here we have a 8 sided glass bowl with sand, rocks and shells placed on the bottom. We have then added some small fish and a black whale on a stand. The glass is then filled with GEL to which ocean fragrance has been added. This candle will burn for up to 40 hours.


Here we have a tall wine glass that has a ceramic cat placed inside and then a wick is inserted and then filled with clear GEL. A nice gift for a person that loves cats.

Sunday, 15 July 2007


New fragrance has been added to our collection. We now have Pepsi Cola fragrance. These GEL CANDLES are made to look like a glass of ice cold Pepsi Cola, right down to the ice in the glass. Almost like the real thing.


Here is our first Christmas candle to come from the GEL CANDLE "factory". Gay has found this long glass and filled it part way with different coloured sand topped with a reindeer and scented with cinammon and apple... Smells good enough to eat..


Look at this sweet GEL CANDLE. SHHHH don't wake her.. a sleeping baby on a bed of sand in clear gel with the fragrance of baby powder added. perfect gift for the new mother..

Saturday, 2 June 2007

This GEL candle is set in a round glass dish on a bed of white sand. Glass stones and some small animals are scattered over the sand. A glass of small flowers highlight the GEL candle. This candle has 2 wicks so it can be burnt evenly.

Sunday, 6 May 2007


We made these GEL CANDLES as decorations for wedding tables. The glass has a bed of green sand and several sea shells were placed on this bed of sand. The GEL is clear and scented coconut. As you will see from the following pics, the finished product was awesome.

The start of the project. Here are the GEL candles ready for the big day.

This is what was created.. Our candle is the inside glass and it was placed inside another vase. They were both placed onto a large sea grass coaster and had rocks and shells placed around them. The arrangment was placed in the centre of the tables.
These candles were used on the gift table.
Here it is. The finished product, on the table and alight for the wedding feast. Looked great.
THANK YOU TO KEITH and FIONA. We hope you have a great future together.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

MARKETS Townsville

Night markets on the Strand in Townsville.

MARKETS Townsville

The first night market for the year, was held on the Strand. This is our home market, so we will be here on the first Friday night of every month from May until December.

MARKETS Charters Towers

We attended the first markets of our year at Charters Towers in North Queensland. Great morning with the markets set in a park.

Friday, 27 April 2007


This GEL candle looks like a real CAPPUCCINO. It even has the glorious scent of a fresh cup of coffee.


Just what the cook ordered to have with your coffee. A great GEL candle.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Special GEL candles just made for you on that special days of your life.. These can be made to order, in any size glass or container. Scented and coloured to your own special requirements. We can also add your name and that special date.. The small shot glasses are great mementos for your guests on that special day.. CONTACT US FOR MORE IDEAS AND PRICES...

For the BRIDE and GROOM... great for main table settings..


This is the place where it all happens.

GEL CANDLE MAKING.. the factory at work

Place required amounts of GEL into clean saucepan. As GEL melts . stir in required colour and scent.
The GEL is heated/MELTED in a pot on a hotplate. It is best to heat/melt the GEL slowly. WARNING... GEL IS VERY HOT...

GEL candlemaker @ work

While waiting for the GEL to melt, sand, shells, glass ornamentswick or whatever else is needed can be added to the bottom of your selected container. Wick can be fixed to the sustainers and set into the bottom. After the GEL is melted it is ready for pouring.

GEL CANDLE maker at work

After pouring the GEl, the finished products are left to cool.. This cooling process also removes any excess air bubbles.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Table Sets

Here we have a set of 5 glasses filled with GEL and all are rose scented. These would be perfect for the centre piece on any table. We also have a set of 4 that are vanilla scented.

Special Angels

The chief is always looking for new and different glasses and other candle holders to make her GEL CANDLES. Here she has found two special angels, with glass holders, in which to make her candles..

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Saturn Panel Vase

This aquarium is made from a Saturn Panel Vase. It has sand, stones, shells and 2 Dolphins on stands. A very nice candle.

We can make your candles special. We can add your name, the date or any message that you want. These shot glasses are perfect for that little gift or a momento of a special event. Great for that special gift to the guests of your wedding.

Sunday, 11 February 2007


Make every day a dessert day with these sweet-looking candles made of GEL and paraffin wax. Scents such as cherry, vanilla and peppermint add their charm.
This dessert is raspberry jelly chuncks and cream. It has raspberry scent in the GEL.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


Here we have placed a green frog on a bed of sand and covered him with clear GEL. Just to put a little colour in him, we have finished him off with a light green GEL layer on top.
This candles would burn for around 50 hrs or more.
r r p au $15.00


Well here they are. We have been asked if we have any floating GEL Candles. At the time we had to say no, but after careful consideration and a sleepless night, the chief candle maker has come up with the goods.
These little candles can be scented and are available in all colours. We have burnt them and we have found that they burn for a bit over 2 1/2 hrs.
r r p could be around the au$2.00 mark.