Thursday, 23 July 2009

LittleChild Range

This Gel Candle features a baby figurine on a bed of small stone. Clear Gel has been poured first and after it has cooled a very soft yellow Gel has been used to top up the glass. Both lots of Gel have "Baby Powder" fragrance added. I love it, has to be my favourite Fragrance. Burning time for this is approx 60+ hrs, that is if you want to burn it. Remember, we do refill all of our candles if you require.

Beer Range

Here you see our new range of Beer Gel Candles. The candle maker sure pours a fine beer. All our life like beer candles are available in "citronella" or "sandalwood" to help keep the outdoor insects at bay. Burning time ranges from 60+ hrs down to 15+ hrs.

Special Jars

Look at these, what a great gift for that special person in your life. These cute little fairies sit on the stopper of the Gel Candle jar. Great colours and each is scented with its own special fragrance. Burning time approx 18 hrs.

Happy Birthday

Here we have two of our special birthday candles. Whatever the special occasion we can make a Gel Candle for you. We can also add names and dates to your Gel Candle. Just email us to discuss your need..

Cocktail Glass

Two fine cocktail glasses that have been filled with coloured Gel to which a fragrance has been added. Fragrance such as "strawberry daiquiri", "midori melon"or "champagne" can be added.

Wine Glass

Here we have a number of wine glasses that have been made into Gel Candles. Each has its own colour and fragrance. A nice candle that will last for approx 20 hrs.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Well better late than never I guess....... I know it is March, but out New Year of Craft Markets is about to begin. The Candle maker and I have had a nice 4 mths off. We missed the last market (December) that was held on the Strand in Townsville. We were stranded in Bangkok at the time. Well I guess you can't help bad luck.
Next weekend we begin out year of markets with Balgal Beach (north of Townsville) on Saturday and then we are off to Charters Towers on Sunday. The first market we will attend here in Townsville will be the night Markets at Riverside at the end of March.

Hope to see all our old customers and heaps of new customers this year.......