Saturday, 29 September 2007


These long stemmed tea light holders were filled with coloured GEL. The GEL is scented with lavender fragrance. They look very nice and are sold as a pair.


The candle maker placed sand in the bottom of these small coffee cups and a small glass fish. She then poured clear GEL into the cup.The GEL has had rose fragrance added and the top of each glass has another colour added. A very nice candle.


Here are two more of our mermaid GEL candles. They are both the same as their sister above.


Here we have a fancy edged bowl. We have added coloured sand to the bottom, a star fish and of course our coloured mermaid. We poured clear Gel, that was scented with SPRING RAIN fragrance, into the bowl to cover our little mermaid.


Here we have a nice frosted glass that has been filled with coloured GEL and fragrance added to make them look like milk shakes. Each milkshake has a glass straw. Our milkshakes come in strawberry (pink colour & strawberry scented) and chocolate (brownish colour & chocolate scented). Both of our shakes do really smell like the real thing.. yummy, i can taste them now..

Thursday, 20 September 2007


This is how the work room looks after a GEL candle making session. These are new creations that are being made, but a lot of these new candles never make it out of this room. If the candle maker does not like the finished product, she just removes the GEL and starts again. No GEL candle leaves this room if the boss is not happy with it.

NEW GEL CANDLES waiting to be packed

A few of the GEL candles that have been produced . We have had a busy year so far, but the chief candle maker keeps coming up with new creations each day.

WILLY the Whale

This is a great candle. Here we have a 8 sided glass bowl with sand, rocks and shells placed on the bottom. We have then added some small fish and a black whale on a stand. The glass is then filled with GEL to which ocean fragrance has been added. This candle will burn for up to 40 hours.


Here we have a tall wine glass that has a ceramic cat placed inside and then a wick is inserted and then filled with clear GEL. A nice gift for a person that loves cats.